I’m working through this course so I can see how a student works through the course.  I’m not sure how to make this work better on my iPhone.  I’m not sure about how different platforms integrate (or not).  But I have learned some basics.  It’s like walking around a new city.  I see a few … Continue reading Learning

Libraries rock at OU

I wrote this last week, but I’m writing again because the post is not available. Libraries rock at OU.  It’s more than just holdings.  It’s about ambience and comfort.  The law library is the best, with comfortable chairs and quiet (except for during remodeling).


A few weeks, I was invited to participate in a software beta test conducted by OU Libraries. The software is Leganto. This new software allows me to quickly search and locate reading material for use in my courses. In the past, I compiled a reading list and taught my students to search for readings using … Continue reading Leganto


This is a derivative of the original Mobile Blogging & Scholarship website. Specifically, this is a group blog for participants of the Canvas Mini Course: Mobile Blogging & Scholarship. Mobile Blogging & Scholarship (MBS) is about teaching the nature of blogging from a mobile device. Starting with tablet fundamentals and progressing through blogging elements including text, media, and graphics, participants … Continue reading About

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