July 28, 2015


Read the following texts:

These readings will prepare you for completing your first blogging activity in this training.

Topic Summary

The primary focus of this session is posting your first blog entry. We will walk through the process of adding text and images to a blog, in addition to walking through the nuances and applications of CategoriesTagsPost Formats, and publishing. There will be significant time devoted to exploring these topics as you compose your first blog post.

Blog Prompt
What campus resource has been most helpful to you and/or your work this year?

In your response, please include:

  • Name of the resource
  • Short description
  • Intended audience
  • How the resource helped you
  • How the resource could be improved
  • Would you recommend it to a colleague

Although the content of this session will be facilitated, I expect a dynamic atmosphere that aims to answer sporadic questions and provide individualized exploration as you are experiencing WordPress and blogging from a mobile device for the first time. Therefore, this session will stay flexible and will vary based on the needs of the participants.

Finally, another topic of this session will be comments. We will walk through the process of publishing comments to engage the author and/or the online community in a sample blog post. And as this training progresses, you will be asked to comment on fellow participants’ materials.


1. Complete First Blog Post

If you have not completed your first blogging assignment, please finish this activity. Be sure to consider the content of the readings from the preparation materials while you are working on your post.

2. Posting Comments

Make sure you have posted at least one comment to either the provided sample blog post or one from your peers. Over the course of this workshop series, I will encourage you to post more than the minimum number of required comments.

Support Materials

Example Blog Posts (Produced Entirely on iPad or Smartphone)
Example WordPress Website (Produced Entirely on Smartphone)
Bonus Blog Prompt