Defend Net Neutrality With One Code – 3-Step WordPress Guide

Statue of Liberty in front of a blue partly-cloudy sky.
Yet again, the free and open internet is facing extinction. Besides calling your representatives to stop this attack on our equal internet, you can help spread the word using your own website(s) and one line of code. This 3-step guide can help you setup a widget overlay on a WordPress site to drive traffic and calls […]

WORDJelly 4 – Hedgehog

My outward appearance is everything. If I do not fit into people’s preconceived notions of beauty, I may not find a home. When my personality is overlooked, I am disappointed. But when I find someone who loves me, life is good. In the beginning, expect me to sleep 18 hour each. Expect me to burrow and … Continue reading WORDJelly 4 – Hedgehog