Info Literacy Learning Community – Week 1 Newsletter

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I’ve converted the curriculum for the first week of this info literacy learning community covering fake news into this newsletter. This post is divided into three sections that you can review and study at your leisure this week. Background Fake News existed well before the term was popularized. With the advent of digital technologies it has evolved to dominate online […]

To Pell Or Not To Pell, Paying The Price – Ch 3 Reflection

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This chapter certainly stirred a bit of fire in me. In particular, I spent a lot of time wrestling with this ethical question about the current state of the Pell program: Are we doing students from low-income families a service by funding part of their college expenses or a disservice by giving them false hopes? … Continue reading To Pell Or Not To Pell, Paying The Price – Ch 3 Reflection

Paying the Price – A Pre-Reading Reflection

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In addition to facilitating another round of GOBLIN with John Stewart over the next several weeks, I’m planning on reading Paying the Price by Sara Goldrick-Rab as part of a reading circle. Before I crack the (digital) spine of this book about the rising cost of college and its impacts, I wanted to take a moment and … Continue reading Paying the Price – A Pre-Reading Reflection