Domain Essentials

April 20, 2015


Before this session, setup a account and start thinking about the name for your personal website (domain name). Some form of your legal name is ideal, whether it is first and last or contains some initials. More information on choosing a domain name is provided on the OU Create support wiki. Some examples in our office are and

Please note that not all domain names are available for use. For example, you cannot use,, or, etc. since these are already in use.

Finally, be sure to also take a look at the preparation required for the next session of this series, WordPress.

Session Summary

Each participant will be provided with their own domain in this workshop. Together, we will walkthrough creating individuals domains and introduce management of these personal pieces of the web. This training will include an overview of topics such as subdomains, web applications, and self-hosted email. Additionally, we will walkthrough installations of WordPress on each participants domain in preparation for the remainder of the trainings.


Use your Domain

Support Materials Playlist….Pending

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