July 28, 2015


Graphics in Canva

It is important to complete the following steps in order:

  1. Download the Canva App on to your iPad.
  2. Open Canva on your iPad and create an account (or connect with Facebook or Google)
  3. After you log in to Canva, it will prompt you to complete a 63 second tutorial. Please complete this.
  4. Complete this second tutorial.
  5. Complete this final tutorial.

Copyright Free Images

Look over as a resource for copyright free images. These types of photos can make for great cover images for blog posts! Alternatively, these images are easily accessible within the search system of the Canva App.

The Center for Teaching Excellence has also provided some copyright free images on their Flickr account.

Topic Summary

Graphics and images will be the focus of this session. After having completed the Canva tutorials above, we will spend time in this session creating graphics to incorporate in to your next blog post(s). Also during this session, there will be opportunities to explore Canva and exchange feedback for the graphics you produce.

Following our exploration of Canva, each participant will work on completing his or her second blog post. This post will be an open-ended opportunity to blog about any topic of interest. However, participants will be required to include at least one graphic, either from or produced using Canva. This requirement aims to reinforce digital workflows associated with mobile blogging and to give participants the chance to apply their knowledge of using graphics while blogging. Also, don’t forget you are using a mobile device, complete with a high definition camera that is suitable for capturing your own images to use in Canva or your blog.

Blog Prompts
1. Describe a project/demonstration/etc. that is an exemplary piece of curriculum. Why is it beneficial to student learning?

2. What is something  your department does that is exemplary? How does it set your department apart from other Universities?

Choose one of the above blog prompts and in your response, please include:

  • Name of the resource
  • Text description
  • Featured image or image within post

Remaining time will be spent reviewing the process of commenting on each others’ posts. The use of this time will be flexible and will be based on feedback from the needs of the group. By the end of this session, I am confident that each participant will be able to use the Canva app in tandem with the WordPress app to incorporate graphics and text in to a post.


1. Complete Second Blog Post

If you have not completed your second blogging assignment, please finish this activity. Be sure to incorporate images within your post, whether they are taken from your device’s camera or from other sources on the internet.

2. Posting Comments, Round 2

Post at least one comment to at least one blog post from your peers. Again, I encourage you to post more than the minimum number of required comments.

Support Materials

Canva Video Playlist (1 Hour)
Canva Design School