iPad Essentials

April 20, 2015


Before the session, make sure you have a valid Apple ID with a valid password. If you already have an Apple ID, make sure you can sign in to Apple’s Manage your Apple ID services (and recover your password if necessary). If you do not have an Apple ID, please set one up: Create an Apple ID.

Using or creating a personal Apple ID for this training is suggested.

Topic Summary

As part of this training, you will be lent an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard. We will go through the unboxing and setup process for these devices together during our first session. At this time, we will also introduce relevant functionality of the iPad, including setting up email accounts and downloading necessary apps.

To set up your OU email account on your iPad, please see the instructions provided by OU IT.

Additionally, much of the content introduced during this session can be reviewed in the support materials bellow, including syncing a bluetooth keyboard to your iPad and multitasking on a tablet.

Finally, we will go over the process of setting up a personal domain in preparation for the next session.


1. OU Email Configuration

Make sure your OU Email is configured on your iPad. Please refer to the Session One Summary for information pertaining to OU IT email configuration instructions.

2. Use your iPad

Complete one (or more) of the following before next session:

  • Read/write email
  • Watch videos (e.g. YouTube, etc.)
  • Listen to music (e.g. Pandora, etc.)
  • Play a game (e.g. Trivia Crack, etc.)

Support Materials

iPad Basics Training Video Playlist (1 Hour)

Lynda.com Image Cut copy 2

Read more