July 28, 2015


Record some video on your mobile device! Whether you are recording a video introduction to your course or showing students exactly where their classroom can be found on campus, capture some video that can be used during this session. At least one minute worth of video footage is suggested.

Topic Summary

Another capability of a WordPress website is the inclusion of video streaming. Video offers many possibilities when it comes to the content of a website. However, the workflow to incorporate video in to your WordPress site can be complex and will be addressed during this session. First we will focus on the University’s video streaming service, MyMedia, in addition to covering other sources of video like YouTube.

To assist your exploration of using video on WordPress, here are some examples of videos from different sources—paired with their respective embed codes or video links:

MyMedia Example
MyMedia Embed Code
YouTube Example
YouTube Link

Following our video discussion and exploration, we will practice implementing video by adding another Page to your WordPress website. Pages differ from Posts, and information on that distinction is available here. This second page that you create can highlight the courses you teach or the research you are involved in at the university, etc. The only requirement for this second page is the integration of at least one video.

Page Prompts
1. Course page with description, goal, and/or highlighted projects examples.

2. Research page with description, focus, highlights, and example applications

In this page, please include:

Finally, we will conclude this session by giving feedback on each others’ blogs through commenting on one another’s newly created pages.


1. Video on WordPress

Please read the following materials after you have completed session five:

Video Types on WordPress

YouTube Videos on WordPress

2. Blog Status

At this point in the workshop series, you should have completed at least:

  1. Two blog posts
  2. Two pages
  3. Three comments on peer materials

If you have not finished all of these requirements, please work on completing these materials before our final session.

Support Materials

University of Oklahoma MyMedia Support
YouTube Video Uploads