What is MBS?

December 23, 2015

Mobile Blogging & Scholarship (MBS) is about teaching the nature of blogging from a mobile device. Starting with tablet fundamentals and progressing through blogging elements including text, media, and graphics, participants will experience and demonstrate their understanding of each of these topics. In particular, attention will be given to instructional and professional use-cases of mobile blogging to provide participants with content that will be immediately applicable.

MBS is meant for anyone interested in mobile device productivity and/or blogging. Especially those that are new to blogging, tablets, or both. At the end of the day this professional development means to provide insight as to how the nature of blogging is changed when a mobile device is part of the productivity process.

This training will be conducted as a Workshop Series—a type of ongoing professional development to teach instructors a technical skill, pedagogical methodology, or productivity workflow (etc.). Six sessions will be spent introducing and exploring mobile blogging to determine applications in the classroom and beyond.

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