July 28, 2015


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About Me Section

Be prepared with some text (and an image if desired) to comprise the “About Me” section for your upcoming WordPress website. You may copy this information from another source you have previously created. Remember, you will need access to these materials (or any others you prepare) on your iPad during this session.

Topic Summary

First, we will walk through creating WordPress.com accounts and configuring them on the WordPress App for your iPad. Then we will cover the navigation and interface of both WordPress.com and the WordPress App to become familiar with both platforms and demonstrate how each will be used in tandem. In other words, this time will be dedicated to establishing foundational knowledge of WordPress in preparation for the remainder of this workshop series.

Submit your WordPress URL

Additionally, we will focus on the Appearance and Customization settings for your newly created website. This will give you a chance not only to experience how your WordPress blog will function but also to experiment with the appearance of your blog.

Lastly, we will edit the “About Me” section of your WordPress website as an exercise to familiarize yourself with both WordPress.com and your iPad. Since this may be your first opportunity to experience a digital workflow associated with WordPress and iPad, this process will be guided by the instructor.

Page Prompt
Create an “About Me” page on your newly created WordPress website.

In this page, please include:

  • Text description about yourself
  • Information on what motivates you
  • A picture of yourself (optional)
  • Anything else you believe represents you (e.g. videos, current projects, etc.)


1. WordPress Introduction Video Playlist (15 Minutes)

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2. “About Me” Page

Be sure to finish the “About Me” page if you were not able to complete this activity during the session.

Support Materials

WordPress.com Video Playlist (5 Hours)
Get the WordPress App for your mobile device(s)