April 20, 2015


Equip participants with the ability to manage and run their own blog from a tablet, including understanding the fundamentals of an iPad, WordPress, and media. Additionally, this training will focus on furthering digital scholarship for participants and aims to answer the question—why blog?

Training Overview

Blogging is one of the many activities that can be undertaken from a mobile device. Utilizing an iPad and a web domain, an instructor can report on current projects or research, engage students in the classroom, or provide a specific resource for anyone in the world to view. During this series of workshops, you will learn how an iPad and a personal domain can be used in conjunction to further your teaching, research, and service to the university. Over six sessions, we will explore how to post your scholarship and engage a global audience from an iPad. Together, we will consider blog topics, content design, and efficient workflows to fully unlock the potential of your productivity and creativity while telling the story of your life’s work.

Series Dates

There are no sessions scheduled at this time. Please check back later.


Tools include:

  2. WordPress App
  3. Canva App
  5. Access


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